Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is where you can find "chat rooms" to ask for help with various questions. I'll show you how to join the #perl6 ( chat room and a bit of etiquette for asking questions.

First off, you need to find an IRC client. On Unix platforms, you might like to use a command-line utility called "ircii." On the Mac, I prefer to use Colloquy. Regardless, you need to connect to the server "" and then the chat room called "#perl6."

Once you're in the room, just post your question and patiently wait for an answer. Be very precise about what's not working. It's probably best to go to a site like "" or "" and paste a minimum test case for what's troubling you. Do not paste hundreds of lines of code. Write a small script that illustrates just one problem you are having. (You actually may find that this exercise helps you find your own errors.)

Inside the chat room, you can actually paste bits of code. Put "m:" at the start of your line, and whatever follows will be executed by Perl 6.

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